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01 January 2022 @ 11:22 am
Sticky: Lost?  


if you're a lost soul (literally) you may be able to read the other entries. (but I mean, you're a lost soul, wouldn't you rather haunt people?) if you're a lost soul (figuratively), you may still hack into this account to read this journal. (but come on, be a cool misguided soul, not one who hacks into a dumb lj account). if you're just lost, be safe on your way.

If you're here to recruit these twins for the positions of Gundam meisters, you better bring three other Gundam meisters with you:
1. A cutie parenticide who wants to become Gundam
2. A gorgeous heterochromic who has a tendency to argue with himself
3. A sexually ambiguous Innovade who calls people by their full names.

Without those three, these twins are staying put.

If you're Graham, and you're here to embrace Gundam, YOU'RE VERY WELCOME!

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